Barbados Family Planning’s Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference June 24-25, 2017

The Barbados Family Planning Association will be hosting its first medical conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Caribbean on June 24-25, 2017. BFPA Conference Flyer 4 (150)

Scheduled to be held at the Radisson Aquatica Hotel in Barbados, the goal of this conference is to provide an opportunity for information sharing and enhanced knowledge of current sexual and reproductive health practices, psychosocial perspectives, patient considerations and barriers to care. Topics explored include contraception, fertility, chronic disease and reproductive health, sexual transmitted infections, adolescent health and more. Health care providers, mental health professionals, health educators and others involved in the multidisciplinary care and intervention network are welcome to attend this event. The hours of this event will contribute to Continuing Professional Education credits for the participants.

The panel will feature guest presenter Helen Knox, UK’s first Outreach Clinical Nurse Specialist in Contraception and Sexual Health who is an expert in contraception and sexual health training and publications for all age groups, using exciting, motivational, and innovative ways. Her main presentation will be a special interactive workshop on Men’s Sexual Health, exploring the challenges that arise with male sexual health consultations and examinations. Helen is well-known in Barbados for her “Sexplained” column in the Better Health Magazine.

Dr. Juliet Skinner of the internationally accredited Barbados Fertility Clinic will open the medical education programme supported by a stellar faculty of the Barbadian health care providers lead by Dr. Tracy Archer, Medical Director of the Barbados Family Planning Association.


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Communication in Cancer Care June 22

Communication In Cancer Care Flyer (1)

Understanding how to optimize the communication process between patients/family and the health care delivery team is essential to our goal of reducing the burden of cancer.

This CME will explore various aspects of communication in cancer care and will feature Miami-based Radiation Oncologist Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett and local health care providers.

About the Guest Speaker

Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett (known by her patients as Dr. EB) is board certified in

Radiation Oncology. She is passionate about patient care and believes that every patient is special and unique. Her philosophy is that when patients, their spouses and family members entrust their lives into her hands, she should summon all her zeal, knowledge and expertise to unreservedly render the best care to all her patients. She has authored multiple articles; is co-chair of the SCCA Breast Committee, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of SCMA, the South Carolina Cancer Control Advisory Committee (CCAC) and the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Membership Committee.

This programme is valid for 3-Credits from the Barbados Nursing Council. Credit from the Barbados Medical Council is pending.


530-540           Opening Remarks

5.40-6.20         Current Situation – A review of challenges and opportunities in Barbados, Dr. June Clarke, Oncologist, Barbados

6.20-7.20        Communication in the Ca Journey, Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett, Radiation Oncologist, 21st Century Oncology, USA

7.20-7.35        Break/ Refreshments

7.35-8.15        Misinformation, Miscommunications & Misconceptions, Lisa Dodson, RN & Virginia Broome, RN, QEH, Barbados

8.15-8.45        Medical Family Therapy: The Integrated Care Model of Illness and Family Care, Janelle Chase-Mayers, Creative Systemic Therapist, PHD Candidate in Marriage & Family Therapy, ULM, Barbados

8.45-9.00       Discussion


Nutrition Corner: Benefits of Apples

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Here is some info about the Health benefits of Apples…..

1. Apples are filled with soluble fiber (5 grams)

This fiber has been shown to reduce intestinal disorders, including diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and possibly some types of cancer.
Helps control insulin levels by releasing sugar slowly into the bloodstream.
Cleanses and detoxifies, which helps eliminate heavy metals, such as lead and mercury.
2. Apple pectin helps reduce cholesterol levels by lowering insulin secretion.
3. In two studies researchers found that eating five apples a week lowered the risk for respiratory diseases like asthma.
4. According to Chinese Medicine: Apples strengthen the heart, quench thirst, lubricate the lungs, decrease mucous and increase body fluids.
5. Apple cider vinegar can help prevent the formation of kidney stones.
6. Studies indicate that eating apples daily can reduce skin diseases.
7. According to a Brazilian study, eating an apple before a meal helped women lose 33 percent more weight than those who didn’t.
8. An apple has only 50-80 calories and has no fat or sodium.
9. Apples are packed with vitamins C, A , and flavonoids and with smaller amounts of phosphorus, iron, and calcium.
10. Apples provide a source of potassium which may promote heart health.