Upcoming September Event-CEMA Emergency Medicine Conference & Workshop Sept 16-17

Emergency Medicine Conference & Workshop

Presented by the

Caribbean Emergency Medicine Association (Barbados)

Saturday, September 16 – Sunday, September 17, 2017

Henry Fraser Lecture Theatre

UWI Cave Hill, St. Michael, Barbados

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illness or injury. It encompasses a unique body of knowledge as set forth in the “Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine.” The practice of emergency medicine includes the initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, coordination of care among multiple providers, and disposition of any patient requiring expeditious medical, surgical, or psychiatric care. (ACEP 2015)

During this 2-day, continuing medical education event, speakers and facilitators will explore clinical presentations associated with high-risk diagnoses that are commonly seen outside the hospital and referred to the ED. In addition, participants will be invited to panel and plenary discussions focused on improved access and utilization of emergency services with the aim of improving continuity of care bilaterally “from the office to the ED”.

The lectures on Day 1 cover topics that range from asthma to abdominal pain to soft tissue infections and more. The objective is to explore clinical management of these conditions on presentation to primary-, urgent- and emergency-care facilities.

The guest speakers will be Canadian Professor M. J. Bullard who will present on the topic “Which of your elderly patients is really sick?” and Dr. Rhonda Hutson, Consultant, Emergency Medicine, UWI, Jamaica. Dr. Hutson will speak on “Managing the Ill Patient in your Office”.

The workshops of Day 2, will afford registrants the opportunity to actively participate in practical sessions on wound care management, interpretation of ECGs and X-rays in trauma and the application of splints, bandages and dressings.

The Caribbean Emergency Medicine Association (Barbados) welcomes physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians and other allied health professionals from Barbados, the Caribbean and International community to attend this medical education event. CPE credit will be available.

Saturday, Sept 16, 2017

Emergency Medicine Conference – Day 1


October Event-Women’s Health Medical Conference Barbados -Oct 7-8, 2017

Annual Women’s Health Medical Conference – Barbados

“From Prenatal to Postpartum”

3W’s Pavilion, UWI Cavehill, Barbados

Saturday Oct 7 to Sunday Oct 8, 2017


Health is one of the most important areas in which women encounter risks that are different from those faced by men, and they have a central role both in health services as well as in their communities and families. Of fundamental and extreme urgency are 1) maternal mortality and adolescent pregnancy and 2) Access to sexual and reproductive health. (Michelle Bachelet former Executive Director of UN Women, at the “Women, Health and Development conference in Asunción, Paraguay, 12 December 2011.)

The annual women’s health medical conference provides an opportunity to focus on women’s health issues in Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond. The health of women determines the health of the nation and special attention must be given to maternal health.

Pregnancy care consists of prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) healthcare for expectant mothers. It involves treatments and trainings to ensure a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and labor and delivery for mom and baby.

Postpartum care is an important determinant of quality health care outcomes for women giving birth. Since medical complications can occur after a woman has given birth, postpartum visits can address any adverse effects that giving birth had on a woman’s body, such as persistent bleeding, inadequate iron levels, blood pressure, pain, emotional changes, and infections. For example, heavy bleeding can be an indicator of a retained placenta, uterine atony, lacerations, hematoma, or coagulation disorders.

This CME will explore the broad spectrum of prenatal to post-partum care and will include a mixture of lectures and workshops on topics including:

· Obstetric emergencies: Shoulder dystocia, hemorrhage, undiagnosed breech

· Alternative positions in active birth

· Depression

· Stress and pregnancy

· CTG interpretation

· Ultrasound in pregnancy

· Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Incontinence and Pelvic Dysfunction

· Chronic disease and pregnancy

· Fertility issues

· Management of fibroids in pregnancy

· Nutrition

· More topics to be announced

Physicians, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals are welcome to attend this event. CPE credit will be available.






To secure rate, register and pay by October 5, 2017. An additional BDS$25.00 applies to all registrations thereafter.


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Eczema Can Take a Toll on Adults

From MedlinePlue Health

“Some people mistakenly regard eczema as a childhood disease and not a serious health problem for adults, he said.

“People who aren’t familiar with the disease might say, ‘It’s just eczema.’ But for many patients, it’s not ‘just eczema.’ It can be debilitating,” Silverberg said in a news release from the American Academy of Dermatology.

The intense itching and dry, red patches of skin can make daily tasks and physical activities difficult, he said. Some evidence suggests it leads to poorer job performance, disrupts sleep, and contributes to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, he explained.

Also, someone with visible eczema may feel social stigma if others incorrectly believe the disease is contagious or associated with poor hygiene, Silverberg said.”