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  • A&B Music Supplies, Sheraton, Christ Church
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  • Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, St. Mciahel

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Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc.

2017 Schedule of Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars

Month CME Event
May 6 Nutrition for  Non-Nutritionists (Health Care Professionals)- Barbados
May 7 Nutrition for Fitness Professionals Workshop – Barbados
June 21 Public Lecture – Sexual & Reproductive Issues – Barbados
June 22 Communication in Cancer Care – Barbados
June 24-25 Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference – Barbados
July 8 Medical Technology Seminar – Barbados
July 20 Syncope Seminar – Barbados
Sept 9 Women’s Health Medical Seminar – Barbados
Sept 15 Emergency Nursing & Trauma Care Seminar – Barbados
Sept 16 Trauma & Emergency Medicine Seminar & Workshop – Barbados
Sept 28 Diabetes Public Lecture – Trinidad
Sept 29-30 Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference – Trinidad
Oct 1 Nutrition & Obesity Workshop – Trinidad
Oct 7-8 Midwifery Conference – Barbados
Oct 28-29 Cardiovascular Series: Heart Failure Conference – Barbados
Nov 5 Nursing in Diabetes: Considerations in Diabetes Management
Nov TBA Obesity Medical Seminar – Barbados
TBA Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine Seminar – Barbados
TBA Wound Care Seminar – Barbados

All events are held in Barbados unless otherwise specified. Some dates are subject to change and additional events may be added.


Registration and programme information may be found on or

For more information:; 269-6183; 253-9384

Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. can create events based the client’s needs. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.Contact us to find out more.


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