Guest Speaker at Rehabilitation and Chronic Disease Event -Prof. Tracy Van Oss -January 13, 2018



Dr. Tracy Van Oss is an associate clinical professor in the Occupational Therapy Department. Tracy has earned a Doctor of Health Science degree, a Master in Public Health degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Communication and a degree in occupational therapy. She is a Community Health Education Specialist (CHES), and has an AOTA Specialty Certification in Environmental Modification. She is the co-chair of the service learning committee for the university and has developed interprofessional service learning courses focusing on community based health and wellness in local and international venues. She has also earned a certificate in experiential education from the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) and works to engage her students into real world scenarios.

Profile -Professor Barbara Nadeau-Occupational Therapist Quinnipiac University


Professor Barbara Nadeau

Occupational Therapist

Quinnipiac University



Professor Barbara Nadeau is the Clinical Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at Quinnipiac University. She was educated at Lesley University where she earned her Doctorate in Adult Learning. She also attended the University of Hartford (Master’s in Neuroscience) and University of Wisconsin (Bachelors in Therapy).

She is currently President at the Brain Injury Solutions.   There, she provides cognitive rehabilitation for teens, adults and older adults who have cognitive changes due to any type of acquired brain injury (concussion, stroke, TBI etc).

Her topic at Rehabiliation and Chronic Disease, Saturday January 13, 2018 will be CVA a Chronic Disease Defining Outcomes.




Topics and Guest Speakers-Rehabilitation and Chronic Disease Event- Saturday January 13, 2018

Rehabilitation and Chronic Disease

Saturday 13 January 2018, 1PM-6PM

Diabetes Centre, Warrens, St. Michael

Chronic disease causes a high degree of illness and disability in Barbados. It is often necessary to have a “Chronic Disease Management Programme” that involves a multidisciplinary approach to care. Rehabilitation is an integral part of such a programme and restoration of health and functionality is critical. Whether it be in the form of occupational therapy, physical therapy, pain management or other modalities rehabilitation in chronic disease management is a must.

This CME explores aspects of rehabilitation and chronic disease specific to diabetes, stroke and other chronic conditions. It is suitable for rehabilitation professionals, physicians, nurses and other key players in the multidisciplinary team. Guest speakers include faculty from the Occupational and Physical Therapy Departments at Quinnipiac University, Connecticut.




· To provide an opportunity for continuing education and exchange between rehabilitation professionals and the multidisciplinary network

· To explore current approaches to chronic disease and rehabilitation management.

· To discuss the issues around rehabilitation in chronic disease and find ways to strengthen the systems to ultimately improve patient outcomes

Topics include:

· Diabetic Neuropathy, Simone McConnie, Podiatrist

· Cardiac Rehabilitation, Dr. Dawn Scantlebury, Interventional Cardiologist

· Updates in Diabetes Management, To Be Announced

· Mental Health and Depression. Lennox Rochester, Occupational Therapist

· Role of Occupational Therapy in Chronic Disease Self- Management, Prof. Tracy Van Oss, Occupational Therapist, Quinnipiac University

· Inter-professional Perspectives, Quinnipiac University

· CVA as a Chronic Disease: Defining Outcomes, Prof. Barbara Nadeau, Occupational Therapist, Quinnipiac University

Other topics to be discussed.




1st CME-Rehabiliation & Chronic Disease-Saturday January 13, 2018

Hi Everyone,

On Saturday January 13, 2018, Hibiscus Health Caribbean will be hosting its first CME for 2018.

The theme is Rehabiliation & Chronic Disease and the event will explore aspects of rehabiliation and chronic disease. It will be specific to diabetes, stroke and amputee management. There will be guest speakers from Occupational and Physical Therapy Department at Quinnipiac University, Connecticut.


Diabetes Neuropathy, Updates in Diabetes Management, Mental Health and Depression, Role of OT in Chronic Disease Self-Management, Interprofessional Perspectives and more.



Diabetes Centre, Warrens, St. Michael

1pm. -6 p.m.



Rehab Professionals -$25

All Other Professionals -$30



Also visit Eventbrite:

Contact 246-253-9384/269-6183 (call or WhatsApp) 0080A003-CC20-41C5-8114-70A48FF71121

Notice from Hibiscus Health: A Look Ahead

Hey Everyone,

It has been an eventful year and we are looking forward to a productive 2018!

Just a gentle reminder, Diabetes Special Populations and Special Considerations event scheduled for November 12, 2017 has been cancelled.

Additionally, there will be no more HHCI events until next year.

Stay with us, we will be posting the schedule of events for 2018 soon.

Thank you for your past participation.  To our sponsors and supporters, we could not have done it without you.

Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc Team

NEW! Upcoming Event November 4 Physical And Rehabiliation Medical Conference The Amputee Patient, More Than A Limb

Dr. Heikke Uustal is the Medical Director, Prosthetic/Orthotic Team, JFK Johnson Rehab Institute; Wound Care Physician, St. Peter’s University Hospital Wound Care Center and an Associate Clinical Professor, Rutgers – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.


The Amputee Patient: More Than A Loss of a Limb

Prominent American Physiatrist and Wound Care Physician Dr. Heikke Uustal will be visiting Barbados to present at the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Conference on Nov 4, 2017 at the University of the West Indies.

The event, hosted by Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc., a local health communications company will be held under the theme “The Amputee Patient – More Than a Loss of a Limb” and the objective is to educate the health care practitioner on the holistic aspect of amputations and amputee care.

Guest speaker Dr. Heikke Uustal is the Medical Director, Prosthetic/Orthotic Team, JFK Johnson Rehab Institute; Wound Care Physician, St. Peter’s University Hospital Wound Care Center and an Associate Clinical Professor, Rutgers – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He has focused his clinical career in the subspecialty of Prosthetics and Orthotics, and Amputee Rehabilitation. He is recognized in the USA as a leading educator and clinician in the field of prosthetics/orthotics. Dr. Uustal is a regular speaker at several annual PM&R review courses and specialty courses in amputee rehabilitation.

Topic: Options for Upper and Lower Extremities

Dr. Uustal will be presenting on “Options for Upper and Lower Extremities” and “Phantom Limb Pain” among other topics. Dr. Uustal who is also a Wound Care Specialist will be sharing on Wound Healing and Offloading Techniques and the “Updates in Wound Care” medical education on Saturday afternoon.

Other guest speakers include the faculty from the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Department of Quinnipiac University, Connecticut. They will be sharing on “Camp No Limits” a multidisciplinary support programme for children with limb differences and their families. Brent White, Physiotherapist and Prosthetist from New Life Brace and Limb based in Texas will be sharing on “Physiotherapy for Lower Limb Amputations”.

Local presenters include head of the QEH Rehabilitation Department, Dr. Harley Moseley who is leading the programme; Dr. Selwyn Ferdinand, Consultant Surgeon; Paula Jordan, Prosthetist and other key members of the medical and rehabilitation community.

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Conference – Barbados

The Amputee Patient – More Than A Loss of a Limb

Saturday, 4 November 2017, 8.30AM-4.00PM

Location: 3W’s Pavilion, UWI, St. Michael

Objective: To educate the practitioner on the holistic aspect of amputations and amputee care

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Heikke Uustal

Medical Director, Prosthetic/Orthotic Team, JFK Johnson Rehab Institute
Wound Care Physician, St. Peter’s University Hospital Wound Care Center
Associate Clinical Professor, Rutgers – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Faculty from the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Department, Quinnipiac University, CT, USA

Brent White, Physiotherapist/ Prosthetist, New Life Brace and Limb, Texas